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kabutar-khana-pavillion-overlooking-wadatalao-big-lake.jpgAsho-Dara is dedicated to the sages and seers, philosophers and mystical poets of the Indian subcontinent. It is dedicated to kings like Ashoka and princes like Dara Shikoh : one gave up power and glory to walk on the path of non-violence and compassion and the other was a true seeker who did not differentiate between Islam and Hinduism and searched for Truth in both. This blog  is about humble weavers like Kabir who could weave the highest truths of mysticism into everyday language and peasants like Narsinh Mehta whose devotion to his Lord amidst utter poverty has few comparisons. This site will explore the thoughts and compositions of Nanak, Amir Khusro, Bulle Shah, Mirabai, Waris Shah, Sant Tukaram….and others. The list of great souls who tread on the great land of ours is endless, the spiritual heritage that they left behind is endless. Endless are the treasures that lie deep within the heart of this region which stretches from Kanchenjunga to Hindu Kush  and beyond. For the winds of divinity, recognize no man-made boundaries, embracing every one in their silent sweep.

Unless otherwise stated, all translations of the poems cited from the original language into English are by this author. You are free to use undestorted writeups of this blog for non-commercial purposes with due acknowledgements .

You may contact me at abdi_rupa@yahoo.co.in


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