Amir Khusrau

  Amir Khusrau: The Sufi with a difference     Amir Khusrau teaching his disciples; miniature from a manuscript of Majlis Al-Usshak by Husyn Bayqarah. Courtsey: Wikipedia Remembered more as a musician and a poet than a Sufi, this versatile genius, who is also considered to be among the first Muslim musicologist of India, was … More Amir Khusrau

Raman Maharishi: The Silent Seer of Arunachala

Like his beloved hill – Arunachala, this sage raised his head in solitary grace above the rest of humanity, humble in his spiritual grandeur. He advocated no religious method, tradition or ritual. He was above them and espoused the spirit of Self inquiry. ‘Know thyself and you shall know the Truth’ was his response to … More Raman Maharishi: The Silent Seer of Arunachala

Bhakti Saint Poets of India

They belonged to various castes and communities, spoke  varied language and dialects and came from different professions. We had Kabir the weaver, Namdev the tailor, Akho the goldsmith, Goro the potter and Chokhmela the mahar who rebelled against the exploitative caste system and exclusiveness of organised religions. While Eknath and Gyanadev, the Brahmin,  from Maharashtra, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu from … More Bhakti Saint Poets of India

Bhakti poets – Premanand, the Manbhatt of Gujarat – I

The tradtion of Brahmins (Bhatt) drumming on earthen or copper pots (mann) with their ringed fingers while narrating akhayans – melodious poetical compositions describing in detail, episodes from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat is unique to Gujarat. Born in Vadodara, Gujarat in the 17th century, Kavi Premanand was one such Manbhatt who raised the standard … More Bhakti poets – Premanand, the Manbhatt of Gujarat – I